• Born Alone Die alone

    · By brian macy

    This is my new track Born Alone Die Alone.  My videographer Treborrikki took me to Chinatown and we just started filming.  No planning or anything but Treborrikki is talented.  Check it out   

  • Glue the music video and the story behind it by Duvee Davis

    · By brian macy

    Here is the music video Glue by Duvee Davis.  My videographer Treborikki came up with an idea of sexy female dancing in front of a fish tank and it seemed like a perfect setting for this song.  We booked the hotel and we were making it happen when we got a call from the hotel receptionist.  It turns out they were looking thru the fish tank and thought that we were filming pornagraphy and in Thailand it is very illegal to film pornography.  We told them we were shooting a music video but the police were already on their way...

  • 10 minute workout session

    · By brian macy   I have been covid free for about a week and am trying to get back into the work out mode.  Try out this quick ten minute High Intensity Interval Training that will target various muscle groups.  If it is challenging just slow down and sometimes your form will suffer, no worries just try to keep pushing forward.

  • Duvee's Childhood

    · By brian macy

    Duvee Davis Childhood - As a kid Boxing was my life and I had extreme dedication.  “Duvee you must have grown up in a rough neighborhood to want to become a boxer”, actually no that was not the case at all.  My father owned a small business and I lived with my mother in a nice house with a pool, but my father wanted me to become a boxer so that Is what I did.  My father would bring me everywhere boxing, we would go to all of the gyms and he would put me in with their toughest kids. ...