· By brian macy

Duvee's Vlog - Crazy times in Iraq

After being knocked out over and over again in sparring and a fight, I don't remember much except for being even crazier than usual.  I signed up for the Army with intentions of becoming an officer since I had enough college credits already, but the recruiter set me up and I fell for it like a dumbass.  I was very bitter about this for a long time but now I am glad I did not make the Army my career.  I met a lot of great people and have respect for everyone that serves and all that, but I am glad I did not dedicate my life to it.  The army can make you feel like hero nowadays and it is great how supportive a lot of Americans are toward the military but at the end of the day it was a good job and thats it.  

When I returned from Iraq I thought I was going to make some crazy comeback and get back to business, but it wasn't meant to be though because I sucked.  I was scared to get hit because my chin had no resistance and I was trying to box and move all the time, all that lead to was disappointment and a loss.  Having to realize the fact that I threw away my dream by letting my father make the decisions was a bitter pill to swallow but I have nobody to blame but myself.  


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