· By brian macy

Glue the music video and the story behind it by Duvee Davis

Here is the music video Glue by Duvee Davis.  My videographer Treborikki came up with an idea of sexy female dancing in front of a fish tank and it seemed like a perfect setting for this song.  We booked the hotel and we were making it happen when we got a call from the hotel receptionist.  It turns out they were looking thru the fish tank and thought that we were filming pornagraphy and in Thailand it is very illegal to film pornography.  We told them we were shooting a music video but the police were already on their way and I did not want to pay bribe money for a crime I did not commit so we ran for it and quickly escaped the hotel.  The police requested footage and we eventually were declared innocent but what a mess.  The video came out excellent though.



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