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Duvee Davis Fitness (DDF) is part of the Duvee Davis Group of Companies, Duvee Davis enjoys keeping fit when hes not making new music. DDF is an online home fitness brand where Duvee shares the fitness products he uses to keep in great shape. Follow his You Tube and Instagram channels to see the products in action alongside his familiar Hip Hop beats!


Duvee Davis was born to an entrepreneurial father and an alcoholic mother, the prodigy spent a lot of his childhood growing up and watching his dad and mom bicker endlessly. Davis’ father was a successful businessman and built a boxing gym to train Duvee to be a boxer.  His father's cocaine habit led to angry outbursts and physical violence on Duvee when he was a young boy.  By the time Duvee was 13 he already had 50 sanctioned amateur boxing matches and thousands of gym wars.  Boxing and hip hop kept Duvee sane as his mother was in and out of rehab and the cops were a regular appearance at Davis's household.  
Duvee Davis listened to and created music as an escape to the realities of his dysfunctional family.  To get away from the family drama Davis moved to the notoriously violent section of Brownsville, Brooklyn in New York where he met up with the “Brownsville Bang Bang Gang” with whom he started building his Hip-Hop career.  During this time Duvee found out he had a baby son and enlisted in the United States Army to better his future and was quickly deployed to Baghdad Iraq. During his time in Iraq, Duvee Davis suffered a Traumatic brain injury and was diagnosed with PTSD.  He came home and claimed full-custodial rights of his young son.  

Duvee struggled with the transition to civilian life and taught himself about digital nomads. He took up all his savings and decided to travel the world together with his son. Since then, he has embarked on a journey of working online, producing commercial beats, making his own music, alongside homeschooling his son.