About Duvee

Duvee Davis offers home fitness, training goods, inspiring music, and entertaining videos to help guide and inspire you to achieve your true purpose. No matter where your fitness journey takes you, be prepared with Duvee's personal fitness supplies and music to get you in the zone. 

Find all the equipment you need to kick-start, restart or fulfill your sporting goals and also some inspiring hip hop music to work out too!

Duvee Davis Fitness (DDF) is part of the Duvee Davis Group of Companies, Duvee Davis enjoys keeping fit when hes not making new music. DDF is an online home fitness brand where Duvee shares the fitness products he uses to keep in great shape. Follow his You Tube and Instagram channels to see the products in action alongside his familiar Hip Hop beats!

Driving with equal parts devotion and grit, Duvee Davis hits the scene with an unrivalled passion for hip hop and a limitless desire to break the cycle that is childhood abuse.

From his own struggles with violence and a dysfunctional family, to raising his son as a single father, Duvee’s journey has been one of inspiring highs and devastating lows, and his music speaks volumes on behalf of it all.

Raised in a small town in Southeastern Connecticut, Duvee’s father, an influential business figure, took full advantage of his power and presence. Despite a successful exterior, underneath this was a broken family – a son living in perpetual fear, terrified of losing or disappointing his father; the physical and mental abuse that would follow if he did. It was the age-old tale of a man projecting his own failed dreams upon his children – building businesses was one thing, but mastering the field of boxing was something else entirely.

During his years of boxing training, Duvee’s father would begin an affair with a cocaine-addicted cleaning lady, later divorcing his mother, and ultimately becoming a short-tempered, steroid-infused version of his former self. Duvee’s only option was to focus hard on his boxing, build strength and ability, and seek to escape the cycle in pursuing his own dreams.

Boxing became therapeutic, and something Duvee was highly skilled in. His childhood rival, Chad Dawson, became a two-time world champion in the years that followed. Along the way though, Duvee’s experiences would see his pursuits derailed. His newly-appointed step mother would begin sexually abusing the vulnerable thirteen year old, and her forceful ways would irreparably change the trajectory of this boy’s life.

Blending trauma and strength in a creatively powerful manner, Duvee Davis’ music speaks out on the pain and horror that is child abuse. Given his later liberation within the notorious Brownsville, Brooklyn, and his simultaneous discovery of and instant connection to hip hop, music naturally provided respite from the ache of reality.

Amidst his early years performing, Duvee unknowingly impregnated a singer he’d shared stages with. The woman later brought the baby into Duvee’s life at four months old, and swiftly departed. So, the world of fatherhood took over – seeing the young rapper take on and learn everything required to lovingly raise a baby boy.

Making money was essential now, so boxing returned to the forefront. However, despite the worthy prize money, one fight too many would result in a traumatic brain injury – a fighter using steroids to bring unexpected force into the ring. Boxing was no longer an option, but raising his family still came first, so Duvee enlisted in the US army, and soon found himself in Iraq.

The devastating scenes of a war-torn Eastern Europe would impact the aspiring artist in ways he could never have imagined, and on returning – his struggles would only multiply.

Fast forward to recent years, after months using cannabis and driving to escape painful memories, Duvee earned a Masters Degree in Education, and took on a respected and professional new role. Sadly, his inescapable step-mother would ultimately take the life of Duvee’s father, in the driveway of their home. This event would stir up a whole new cyclone of heartache and pain.

Still committed to raising his own son in a loving and inspiring environment, Duvee took the bold decision to relocate to Bangkok, Thailand – disconnecting from his emotional baggage and seeking out an entirely fresh start as a single father.

Duvee’s dream now is to help prevent other children from suffering the same abuse he did. As such, his music – tracks like ‘Success’, with its bold and confident bars, and its roots in classic hip hop – breathes new life into the contemporary rap realm.

His sound unites the strength of a fighter, the heart of a poet, and the soulful devotion of a family-man with promises to keep.