· By brian macy

Born Alone Die Alone the truth about life as a man

I am up and can't sleep again and was looking back at some of my old songs.  'Born Alone Die Alone" not exactly a groundbreaking statement, I mean it is pretty obvious.  Yet most of the time we are spending our limited time on this earth trying to do something that "society" says is good and to seek a higher social status.  Well I don't know, i'm not an award winning philosopher or anything but who gives a fuck about trying to achieve validation from other people.  We are Born Alone and we will Die Alone regardless of other people's opinion so why not do, what the fuck we want to do, instead of trying to fit into some preconceived mold.  I mean being an Iraq veteran gave me the advantage of seeing how worthless and meaningless life can be.  A lot of soldiers commit suicide when they come back trying to adjust to the civilian life, I don't know everyone has their own perspective but for me the realization of the meaninglessness in American consumerism culture bothered me for quite a while until I had a lightbulb moment while watching "Fightclub" at 2 Am in the morning.  Yeah life can feel so meaningless when you are looking for external validation.  Yeah I defended the country (like Iraq was really going to attack us if we didn't go over there), that sure wasn't a very fulfilling meaning to have in life.  Fuck external validation, I could care less about fitting in with the crowd I like staying by myself anyways.  Born Alone Die Alone its more than a song its the raw reality of being man nobody gives a fuck about your feelings you are just another number, instead of feeling all sad and depressed about that shit personally I said fuck it and I am going to do my own thing.  Fuck sitting around feeling sad and depressed, "it is only after we have lost everything that we're free to do anything" - Tyler Durden - I quit my job, live in a 50$ a month room in a third world country and I feel more free than ever.  Free from the shackles of society.  Maybe I'm not really that deep and I just need to sleep, I don't fucking know.  


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