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Yo, Its Duvee. Im dedicated to helping you create your own purpose, without the negative influence of others. Choose from my personal workout equipment, or go to spotify to pump yourself up with my music.

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  • Teofimo Lopez: Controversy, Skills, and Character!

    Teofimo Lopez is often the centre of attention due to controversial comments he makes but underneath the controversial comments is the truth and his skills and boxing is shined in his performance against Josh Taylor My website with personal workout...

  • Fantasy Fight: Mayweather vs. Crawford

    A fantasy match up pairing Floyd Money Mayweather against Terrence Bud Crawford. The break down includes insights into the different styles and how the fight could possibly play out. Bud Crawford has gained such much publicity after his demolition of...

  • Davis Benevidaz vs. Demetrius Boo Boo Andrade Breakdown!

    a breakdown of the up and coming super middleweight showdown David Benevidaz and Boo Boo Andrade. Both of these fighters are avoided and they will square off to see who is the superior fighter. Benevidaz's overwhelming pressure style vs Andrade's...