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Yo, Its Duvee. Im a single father, dedicated to helping you live authentically, and nurture your passions and dreams. Choose from my personal workout equipment, or go to Spotify to pump yourself up with my music. I continously update my Blog and Youtube Channel with videos about me and my sons adventures travelling the world. Enjoy!

Blog posts

  • The Tale of Marijuana Legalization in Thailand

    Thailand, a land renowned for its vibrant culture, breathtaking beaches, and culinary wonders, has added another unique attraction: the legalization of marijuana. Once infamous for its dystopian like drug laws, where even minor infractions could result in severe penalties, Thailand...

  • DrunkenLove new remix

    so my son made this beat and I remixed a line "if its love what you wanna call it huh, got me drinking like a fucking alcholic huh" over and over and put different effects to give the feel of...

  • Humility lesson #1: My babymomma died

    a post about how I learned about humility when my baby momma died.