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Humility lesson #1: My babymomma died

So the other night my son Charlie and I are in our condo in Manila and we get a call from my son's brother Felix, and he tells us their mother died.  I knew right away it was a car crash or a drug overdose and unfortunately it was the latter.  Felix is a great young man he is a true G in all ways and initially when talking to him on the phone I responded very coldly with no emotions.  I was angry man, I felt bad for my son and just shocked.  "It is what it is, she never contributed anything anyways" I said angrily.  Some more people called me and said "oh your son is so lucky to have you" and comments along those lines feeding my ego.  I went to facebook to vent my frustration and in hindsight I realize that I was acting like a little bitch.   I left a post about how we got together after her hip hop show, had sex, condom broke, and she didn't tell me about my son until he was four months old.  I was on angry tirade about how little she did and how I raised my son.  All self-centered blah blah blah,  So Charlie saw the post on my facebook post and came into my room at night and was like "dad, mom used to take me every week when we lived in Westerly" and talking to him I realized he had all these cool memories with her.  His mom was a street chick she was in prison when she was pregnant with him and some of the stories my son was telling me were hilarious.  He was telling me, "I remember one time, we were in New London and my mom heard police sirens and we ran into a garage to hide", such a funny story and I realized instantly my anger about the situation was a result of my ego, I needed humility.  How can I be angry at a person who gave me my greatest gift in the world (my son).  Being my son's father is the best thing I have in my life, why would I berate the woman who gave this to me?  Also she never bothered me and I did what I want and did not have to worry about any "babymomma drama".  When I started thinking from a place of humility it was a lot easier to see the positive and it became apparent that pride was blocking my vision. Plus let's look at the glass as half full when I am bagging chicks now and they ask me about my son's mother I can tell them "she passed away", wow thats so sad and so noble on my behalf, and most importantly I don't have to spend the time explaining my situation over and over again.  Humility, I don't know what she was going through, I don't understand the decisions she made, but judging her and saying negative things doesn't help anything.  I realize now the power in humility, and how much better my life can be with more humility.  I have lived in Thailand and the Philippines for the last 6 years and humility is a trait that the majority of people have over here and it makes for a much more peaceful experience imo.   Humility is not a sexy virtue but I think it is an essential part of growth and I thank my babymom for giving me this lesson, RIP Eunice Grised Lebron


  • Wow your a good person

    Nick on

  • That’s a good view on life lessons learned lil bro. I’m proud of you and what you are doing.

    Tj Jones on

  • Brian! The beauty and maturity in this post is a testament to what you’ve learned by experiencing your baby mamma’s death. We never know until we have walked in someone else’s shoes and develop empathy! It’s a beautiful thing. Miss you!

    Gwendy on

  • Brian what a beautiful post. I never knew the whole story but have always been so proud of you as a dad. And how great of you to realize it was Charlie’s mom. Yes Charlie is lucky to have you and my condolences to you both. Stay strong and safe boys. Hugs to you both.

    Cindy Eddy on

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