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Duvee's Childhood

Duvee Davis Childhood - As a kid Boxing was my life and I had extreme dedication.  “Duvee you must have grown up in a rough neighborhood to want to become a boxer”, actually no that was not the case at all.  My father owned a small business and I lived with my mother in a nice house with a pool, but my father wanted me to become a boxer so that Is what I did.  My father would bring me everywhere boxing, we would go to all of the gyms and he would put me in with their toughest kids.  I was usually the only white kid but before long color didn’t matter and we were boxing brothers, bleeding together all trying to become something.  For the first few years I took a lot of ass whippings but by the time I hit eighth grade I had become an experienced and skill full aggressive boxer.  I came in second in the national silver gloves and I started to have consistent success at the national level.  I was in the tournaments with Andre Ward, Chad Dawson, Nonito Donaire, and a whole lot of other guys who would become world champions.  At that time my father started a new thing at his boxing gym.  Whenever a guy would come in and want to box he would take their initial fee and ask them “what do you think about beating up a 13 year old?” And I would proceed to glove up and spar them.  Almost every time the sparring played out the exact same way.  The guy would come out throwing big punches and I would bob and weave and make him miss and then they would quickly fatigue and by the second round it was my chance to beat the hell out of them.  The guys were grown men coming out of jail and getting beat up by a middle school kid and my father used to love it.  I did not really help my boxing skills much because the kids I was boxing against had so much more skills than the wanna be fighters that came to my gym, but it was great entertainment for my father.  That was most of my child hood trying to gain approval from my dad.  When I lost he used to scream at me and call me a “piece of shit”.  Sometimes he would smack me around but that all stopped when I hit teenage years.  As a kid I never questioned it and I thought it was like my destiny to take all this shit from my dad and I would emerge as a glorious champion.  Surprise surprise it didn’t work out like that.  I used to be nervous as hell on my way to sparring and fights but listening to hip hop gave me the motivation and attitude to fight anyone.  I would listen to Naughty by Nature and DMX in preparation for fights and I would channel the aggression in the lyrics into my boxing game.  I bought turntables and started buying records with instrumentals and spending tons of times writing songs.  Writing hip hop made me feel so free and I did not give a fuck what anybody thought about me.  I would make diss songs about kids in school and ask them what they were going to do about it.  I was never a bully, quite the opposite actually as I always stood up for the kids that got bullied and at some level I understood them.  I used to listen to DMX’s “slippin” every night on repeat before I went to bed and at five in the morning I would wake up to run listening to the “rough riders anthem”.  I was always pretty brazen as a kid and when I hit sixth grade I realized that the other kids in school really didn’t want any smoke.  I went on a little spree for a few months punching kids in class but I did not get in much trouble because I was hitting the kids who were normally the bullies and class clowns.   If I kid said something I didn’t like I punched him, no hesitation, no remorse, for me this was the way I was brought up.  Life was about boxing and fighting. 


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